Just keep moving

It’s ages since my last post! There’s been lots going on, but also I’ve been feeling really rough for weeks and didn’t feel inspired to write. My aim for this blog is not as a tool for complaining!

I still feel rough, not sure why as all my test results are coming back clear (horray!), but I’m finally inspired to write again, mainly because I put my running shoes on and went for a jog/stagger this morning. It was slow, it was short and it showed me how unfit I am but I am feeling very pleased with myself because:running shoes

  1. I didn’t fall over!
  2. I didn’t have to walk as much as I thought
  3. I did it!

Running (although I’m not sure my efforts can be classified as that!) may seem like an odd thing to do with a condition like multiple sclerosis, but if you can, why not? Research shows that exercising and staying as active as possible is really important for people with MS – just as it’s important for everyone, really. Humans are designed to move, and when we stop, it creates a whole mixture of problems. Muscles break down surprisingly quickly, so it really is a case of if you don’t use it, you lose it.

There is some research that suggests exercise releases two proteins that can help stimulate neurone repair which can only be good. It is also supposed to help with cognitive function – anything that helps with brain fog is good – and help to reduce fatigue, even though that seems counter-intuitive. And exercise releases endorphins, the happy chemicals, so helping with depression and also pain.

So what finally got me to get my butt in gear and get out there? Inspiration, from both the para-athletics currently on in London and a chap I met on Thursday.  Despite having primary progressive MS which has led to muscle wastage and reduced movement on one side, he’s discovered the power of exercise and is managing to regain some use on his affected side as well as increased energy and positivity. Awesome!

paIf you haven’t seen any of the para-athletics yet, it’s on channel 4 all week and really worth a look. Some amazing athletes of all ages, shapes and size competing at such a high level, it really does inspire me. Not that I want to compete with anyone other than my own negativity – I’ve never been one for competitive sports! We have tickets to the final day of competition next Saturday which I’m really looking forward to – we bought them after watching the Paraolympics in Rio. There’s still some for sale (and they’re really not expensive), so if you feel like being inspired too, or just want to go and give your support and admiration to an amazing bunch of people, get on-line and grab some before they all go. Check out this link https://www.paraathleticschampionships.com/tickets

I’m sure I’m going to ache a bit tomorrow, but this time it will be a good ache! And I’ll be getting my trainers on again in the week – I have a very slow time to beat!


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