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Living with multiple sclerosis is ‘interesting’! Anyone who has this condition knows that only one thing is certain; their experience is unique to them. It’s a ‘snowflake condition’ – everyone with MS experiences it differently. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to diagnose and to manage. Hence the ‘interesting’!

At the moment, every day is a snowflake day – I just don’t know what MS has in store for me when I wake in the morning. Some days are great, when I feel like my old self, packed full of energy and verve, ready to take on the world. Then there are days when the grey fug of fatigue envelopes my whole being – just getting through the day can seem like an impossible challenge. Sometimes my hands are so weak I can’t hold things properly, or my arms burn, like they’re on fire. Or my legs are so restless and twitchy that it’s hard to hear the TV. Or my foot is numb, my leg shoots pain, my ears ring, my eyes go blurry, my head is in a clamp…… I could go on, but then it will turn into a list of complaints.

Complaining is not what I want to achieve in this blog. I want readers to understand more about this crazy condition, about what it is going on inside us snowflakes. And to maybe have a bit of a laugh as well, as a giggle always help!

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